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 Vision, Mission and Value



To be a Major Gateway of Indonesia to the Global Logistics Network

The vision is a statement of the Company’s aspiration to be a major gateway to the global logistics network. This aspiration emerged based on geographical potential, business opportunity and national policy which opened the opportunity for the Company to realize the intended vision.​



To Provide Port & Maritime Services that are Reliable & Integrated with Industrial Estates to Support Indonesian & Global Logistics Networks by Maximizing the Economic Benefits of the Malacca Strait 

The Company’s vision and mission have been determined by the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors in 2019.​


Corporate Values

The applicable Values are expected to enable the Company to achieve its Vision and carry out its Mission, known as “CIPTA”. The Values are stipulated in the Decree of the Board of Directors of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero) Number: KP.30/1/2/PI-14.TU.

The Corporate Values are:

  • Amanah

  • Uphold the trust given.

    • Kompeten

    • Continue to learn and develop capabilities.

    • Harmonis

    • Mutual care and respect for differences.

    • Loyal

    • Dedicated and prioritizing to the Interests of the Nation and State.

    • Adaptif

    • Continue to innovate and be enthusiastic about driving change.

    • Kolaboratif

    • Build synergy and cooperation.

The detail information about Corporate Values click here.