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Business Field

Our​​​​ company focuses its main activities in the field of port service operations and cultivation, as well as optimizing the utilization of resources owned by our company to produce high quality and competitive goods and or services to gain/ pursue profits to increase our corporate v​alue by applying the principles of Limited Company.​

According to our company's latest Articles of Association, based on Deed No. 1 dated August 15, 2008, our company's business activities cover:

  1. Providing and/ ​​or serving port services​ and anchorage area for traffic and vessels.​
  2. Providing and/ or serving services re​lated to pilotage dan towage.
  3. Providing and/ or serving berthing services and other facility for berthing, container ​​loading and unloading, liquid bulk, break bulk, multipurpose terminal, general cargo including livestock dan facility for passenger and/ or vehicle.
  4. Providing container, liquid bulk, general cargo and vehicle charging and discharging.
  5. Providing and/ or serving terminal services in container, break bulk, general cargo, multipurpose terminal, passenger, public shipping and roll on-roll off services.
  6. Providing and/ or serving ​warehouse services and container yard dan tanks/ storage for goods, city transportation​, charging and discharging tools, and port equipment.
  7. Providing and/or serving land services for various buildings and fields, industries and buildings​/ buildings related to the smoothness of multi-modal transportation​.
  8. Provision and/ or serving electricity services, drinking water, and the installation of waste and waste disposal.
  9. Provision and/ or serving refueling of vessels and vehicles services in the port​ area​.
  10. Provision and/ or servicing consolidation and distribution of goods including livestock services.
  11. Provision and managing port-related consulting management, education and training services.
  12. Operating and cultivating container depot operation such as repair, cleaning, fumigation and logistic services.​


Business activities based on the Decree of the Minister of Transportation No. KP 133 Year 2011 dated March 2, 2011 concerning the Granting of Business Permits to PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero) as a Port Business Entity which is implemented in providing port services and other businesses that support the achievement of company objectives including, provision and / or services include:

  1. Provision and / or berth services for berthing.
  2. Provision and / or refueling service and clean water services.
  3. Provision and / or services of goods distribution and consolidation centers, and / or i. Provision and / or ship delay services.
  4. Provision and / or service of loading and unloading goods.
  5. Provision and / or service of container terminal services, liquid bulk, dry bulk, and Ro-Ro.
  6. Provision and / or warehouse services, storage places, loading and unloading equipment, and port equipment.
  7. Provision and / or dock services for the implementation of loading and unloading activities of goods and containers.
  8. Provision and / or service of passenger and / or vehicle boarding facilities.