Tentang Marine Service

Marine Pilot : is licensed professional was a seafarers who has expertise in the field of nautical and comply the requirements to pilotage the vessels.

Pilotage : is activities of the pilot giving advice and information to the master about the state of the local waters are important for cruise navigation can be implemented safely of the ship and the environment. Pilot is familiar with the  coastlines, shoals, harbors, ports, weather, tides, shipping  regulations and  restrictions of the area for which he is licensed by Governments (Ministry  of  Transportations).

Voluntary Pilotage Services (VPS) : a water area due to the condition of waters (full vessel traffic and to understood two-way communication between the ship) could do pilotage, for the avoidance of doubt the Captain may require pilotage for submit a request to use the facilities of pilotage

Marine Pilot in doing pilotage are required to dress in accordance defined by the decree of the Ministry of Transportation, as well as completed with communication equipment, safety equipment and other support equipments, the Director General of Sea Transportation through the local Harbormaster always giving development and coaching session to the pilot, deliberate neglect and evidenced by the Court of Maritime Law will be given administrative punishment until the foreclosure and grounded COC - COP and Pilot/Deep Sea Pilot License.

Indonesian Maritime Pilot (INAMPA) as member of  International Maritime Pilot Association (IMPA)

Reasons and Justifications for Deep and Sea Pilotage on Straits of Malacca-Singapore (SOMS)


The  straits narrow pathway and shallow areas poses, we are fully care to avoid a potential  all fail navigation (collision, grounding or oil spill to occur), including  addition piracy or hijack and the most happening  in area  on the Straits of  Malacca .

Deep Sea Pilotage service on The Straits of Malacca and Singapore (SOMS) provide their service  for : ULCC, VLCC , loaded tanker vessels , vessels restricted in her draught, and vessels registered other than Indonesia,  Malaysia and  Singapore, we service vessels navigate in the straits from the west to the east of the straits (east bound)  and from  the east to the west of the straits (west bound). The service are :

  1. Pilotage Service a ship passing the Malacca and Singapore straits (± 48 Nm) from Iyu Kecil island as a pilot boarding point (01o 12’ 50’’ N / 103o 21’42’’ E) to Nongsa/Batam island  as a pilot disembarking point (01o 13’30’’ N / 104o 01’00’’ E), or return way.
  2. Northern Port of Belawan 04o 20’ 24’’ N / 099o 13’ 50’’E and the Pilot disembarking  point are : Karimun STS Transfer area. or return way
  3. Northern Port of Belawan 04o 20’ 24’’ N / 099o 13’ 50’’E and the Pilot disembarking  point are : Nipah Transit Anchorage Area (NTAA). or return way
  4. Northern Port of Belawan 04o 20’ 24’’ N / 099o 13’ 50’’E and the Pilot disembarking point are Nongsa / batam  island  as a pilot disembarking point (01o 13’ 30’’ N / 104o 01’00’’ E ). or return way
  5. Northern Port of Belawan 04o 20’ 24’’ N / 099o 13’ 50’’E and the Pilot disembarking point are Horsbourgh (01o 19’ 48’’ N / 104o 24’18’’ E). or return way
  6. Northern Port of Belawan 04o 20’ 24’’ N / 099o 13’ 50’’E to Port of Kuala Tanjung, Port of Dumai and Sungai Pakning (Bengkalis Strait). or return way
  7. Horsbourgh Lh (01o 19’ 48’’ N / 104o 24’ 18’’ E) to Karimun STS Transfer area, NTAA, Kuala Tanjung, Port of Belawan, Port of Lhokseumawe, Port of Dumai and  Sungai Pakning (Bengkalis Strait). or return way

75 % on the Straits of Malacca and Singapore is belong to the territorial local water Republic of Indonesia, 25% belong to Malaysia and Singapore.


On December 28 th 2007 General Director of Sea Transportations Republic Indonesia has establish area for Voluntary Pilotage In The Straits Of Malacca and Singapore, Decree No : PU.63/1/8/DJPL.07.



Traffic Separation Scheme in the Straits
80 % light buoys from One Fathom Bank until to Horsbourgh is donated by Japan and  managed by Indonesia

Indonesia Port Corporation-1 has successful managed on 23 Compulsory or Voluntary Pilotage and STS Area Delegated by Ministry of Transportations Republic Indonesia.

We managed 23 location of Compulsory or Voluntary Pilotage & STS Area Delegated by Ministry of Transportations:

  1. Belawan Port
  2. Dumai Port (Chevron - deep draft vessel)
  3. Kuala Tanjung Port
  4. Lhokseumawe Port (Petrolium - deep draft vessel) - Aceh
  5. Sungai Pakning
  6. Pekanbaru
  7. Pangkalan Susu (SBM Petrolium)
  8. Tanjung Balai Karimun Port
    • Teluk Paku Port
  9. STS Tanjung Balai Karimun (deep draft vessel)
  10. Kijang Port
  11. Tanjung Uban Port (Petrolium)
  12. Malahayati Port - Aceh
    • Meulaboh
  13. Batam Port
    • Batu Ampar
    • Kabil
    • Sekupang
    • Tanjung Uncang (Docking Yard)
  14. Sambu Port (Petrolium)
  15. STS Nipa (deep draft vessel)
  16. Tembilahan Port
    • Kuala Enok (STS)

120 Persons Marine Pilot License and Mooring Master Certificate
  • 33 Persons Deck Officer Class I
  • 87 Persons Deck Officer Class II

At least  3 Years experiences as Master On Board Vessel (Tanker, LPG Tanker, Bulk Carrier, Container, AHTS & General Cargo)  before join as Marine Pilot.

Comply with STCW 2010 : Basic Training, Survival Craft & Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats Training, Advanced Fire Fighting Training, GMDSS Training Medical First Aid Training, Medical Care Training , Ship Security Officers Training , Crowd Management Training, Training in Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety, and Hull Integrity, Training Electronic Chart Display System (ECDIS), Training Bridge Resource Management, Advanced Training for Oil tanker cargo operations , Advanced Training for Chemical tanker cargo operations, Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker cargo operations and IMDG Code training.


  1. Our own and charterer assist tug 19 unit with total 53.100 HP. Last build 2012. And aal equipped with active FP monitor (Foam & Co2 Material).
  2. 6 Unit our assist tug standby for pilotage in the straits of Malacca and Singapore (2 unit = 6400 HP on Belawan near the One of Fathom Bank, 2 unit = 7500 HP on STS Karimun, 2 unit = 8000 HP on STS Nipa).
  3. We  Prepare  Oil Spill Equipment for our best service  and quick response unit if any something happens  during pilotage on Malacca – Singapore Straits (Oil Boom, Oil Skimmer, Oil Dispersant Absorbents & Sodium Silicate).
  4. Our own Pilot Boat & Mooring Boat 30 unit steel plate and vibre material with maximum speed 25 knots, last build 2011. All equipped with GPS, Radar and Arpa.
  5. All pilot equipped with safety equipment (Life Jacket, Handy Talky, Pilot Portable Unit and GPS Portable).
  6. Pilot service car complete with Portable VHF.
  7. All our pilot building equipped with electronic navigation aid: Marine VHF, Electronic Chart System (ECF), Radar, AIS Receiver, SSB, etc.
  8. Radio operator active and update for all of information in 24 hours.